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Columbia University revoke Emma Sulkowicz's degree

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I'm creating this petition on behalf of no one but myself. I believe that what transpired was wrong and should be righted but feel this is the only course of action I can personally take. That being said, I believe that Columbia University should revoke Emma Sulkowicz's degree due to it being obtained under a falsehood.

Her thesis was knowingly false, submitted, and accepted allowing her to graduate and obtain something that she didn't truly earn. This is not an indictment of her character but of her actions. "Carrying That Weight", an art performance:

This was meant to be a representation of a struggle with a rape that was later, proven false: 

The fact that Emma Sulkowicz is allowed to keep a degree she earned fraudulently validates the behavior that extreme, dishonest, and behavior that can even harm another person might be appropriate if it means earning a degree and the adulation of their peers. Also a broader scope outside of the university itself:

Moving to revoke degrees, even a Ph.D., is not a foreign concept to Columbia University. In 2005 there was an incident involving a female chemist performing fraudulent activity and once discovered in 2006, Columbia University moved to have her P.h.D. revoked:

I believe that broader consequences are in store if people aren't held to certain standards. Yes, this is a sensitive issue but when that issue is used against people, especially when it can harm another person, to obtain something they didn't earn... should be taken back.

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