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Delete the word "Jumanji" from the movie "Welcome to the Jungle"

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Stop the slaughter and no longer allow movies like this to spoil a cult saga!!

Chris Van Allsburg's initial book had a dark vibe, plunging the reader into a world where two innocent children discovered a board game that contained a dangerous world. The adventure was present as the characters progressed with animals from the African jungle; or a hunter in colonial dress. BUT HERE NOTHING EVERYTHING, the world of Jumanji is even more scary, there is more this dark atmosphere, desaturated present in the first film and faithful to the original work. Make a humor movie in the jungle, yes why not, but not by taking a license like this one. There is no real stake in this film because of its problems of scenario, where the inconsistencies become more and more important as the progress of the story. The first film had the merit of developing his characters, to establish a detailed background, a particular atmosphere and a universe peculiar to him. But in this new film we are dealing with characters who are not attached to their immaturity and length in the film that are unjustified and very often "too staggered". It's not even funny at times, it's incoherent and totally useless for the film. At many times we really wait for the continuation of the plot and real issues because all along we are seeing "heroes" who are stuck in a scary, unsafe, uncomfortable, and not very intelligent (the dialogues especially, worthy of a bad teen movie). Some action scenes happen at times to briefly recall "the main issue of the film" before going back to long moments of immature and stereotypical absurdities as possible. In short, all the characters are caricatured, the stake of the film is almost nonexistent, the dialogues are poor, the beautiful shots of the Jumanji does not give it a unique atmosphere, dark and dangerous and finally the developed humor must be placed in a comic movie at The Rock's "Welcome to the Jungle", rather than a license like Jumanji.

For all these reasons, the movie must never be called "Jumanji". Leave the cult saga!


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