Stop CMH from moving birthing services to Albany Med.

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Beginning October 1st, expecting mother's will no longer be able to give birth at Columbia Memorial Hospital. Those services will be moved to The Birth Place at Albany Medical Center. This decision leaves a lot of questions for the communities served by CMH. Will the hospital provide transportation for mothers in labor? Will families without transportation be expected to take on the heavy cost of using an ambulance? Doesn’t this pose new risks to pregnant women who are losing local access to a birthing facility? How does CMH plan to address emergencies? CMH chief medical officer Dr. Clifford J. Belden stated that "births at CMH are down from ten years ago” when CMH handled about 600 births a year. It is now down to less than 300, he said. CMH states that no jobs will be lost as a result of this decision. But why force families to travel almost an hour during one of the most stressful and joyous times of their lives? Expecting mothers deserve all the support they can get. This is a critical service that our community needs. There has to be another option.