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In schools across the Columbia County School District, hats are banned. The reason? According to a school officials, hats pose a "safety concern". Although, the "safety concern" that hats pose to the safety and well-being of our students quickly disappears on school sanctioned "hat days" - days on which students pay a certain amount and in return, given the privilege wear a hat of their choice. These hat days may lead one to believe one of two things: that the safety and well-being of Columbia County students are placed in the backseat as long as students give up a few dollars or that hats truly pose no true safety concern. The former is absolutely inconceivable. The latter, however, is much more understandable. 

Recently, when this school district sought to battle the ripped-jeans trend, students resisted. Ultimately, the school district reevaluated dress code policies to cater to the emerging and now dominant trend and students are now allowed to wear them as freely as they wish. 

But now, the students are again resisting. But the cause of this resistance isn't about pants. It's about hats. 

Students aren't asking for anything extreme. They're simply asking to wear a hat. Teachers and administrators spend valuable time confiscating hats, that could instead be used for teaching, for no real or justifiable reason. 

As this Board moved to reevaluate their dress code policies when it came to ripped jeans, I and the signers of this petition are asking the Board to again do the same. 


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