Discount Tuition for Columbia College Chicago

Discount Tuition for Columbia College Chicago

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Kendall Gearns
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Columbia College Chicago has sent out an email regarding tuition for the 2020-21 academic year. President Kim writes:

"I am pleased to announce that the Columbia College Chicago Board of Trustees has approved lowering tuition for the 2020-21 academic year back to its 2019-20 level. The trustees took this action in recognition of the fact that students and their families are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic downturn."

As reported by the Chronicle, Columbia will be negating the 2% increase in tuition. Going from a projected $13,571 for undergraduates and $14,364 for graduates to $13,305 and $14,088. 

This change they are pleased to announce is barely making a dent in our tuition. We paid that amount of tuition during the 2019-20 year having full access to in-person and hands-on resources. Now with most of our classes being online/hybrid and extremely limited resources, we're paying the same price?

Columbia believes that in by NOT doing something, they're helping us. In this case, they're wrong. If anything, it seems insulting to have this fake "lift" on our tuition rather than take real action into aiding students trying to receive an education amidst a global pandemic. It's surface level, and as students we should not stand for it. 

Columbia College Chicago students demand a 40% negotiable discount to the projected tuition or a temporary freeze until a solid discount can be instituted. 

Changing undergraduate's $13,571 to $8,143 and graduates' $8,619. 

UChicago held a tuition strike demanding a 50% reduction on tuition. Although they are still fighting for that discount, their actions led to UChicago freezing their tuition for a year. Their fight isn't over, and so isn't ours. 

We understand that these are confusing times, like what's in the email we are facing an economic downturn. A lot of aspects of how to go about higher education is up in the air. The students that make this college every year deserve relief in these times more than ever. Despite the pandemic students that still plan on going to college are trying to build their future, a future that seems like a luxury now. 

Join us in this petition to fight for a discount and/or a temporary freeze in our tuition. Let's show Columbia College Chicago's administration the students they are putting in jeopardy with their lack of action, and we won't tolerate it. Make our voices heard.