Lower costs of electric vehicles to lower the amount of pollution transportation causes

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As most of us know the planet we live on is being polluted by transportation.Cars trucks and other gasoline fueled vehicles are the most popular and commonly used ways of transportation. Statistics show that in the year 2017 29% of emission pollution was caused by transportation. If we lowered the prices of electric vehicles they would become more affordable meaning that more people would likely buy them which could take more gasoline fueled cars and trucks off the roads. Since cars and trucks are one of the biggest causes of pollution (specifically carbon pollution) if most of them were replaced with electric cars and trucks then the amount of pollution caused by transportation could be for the most part cut back heavily. Air pollution is one of the 4 most severe ways we are constantly polluting the earth although most people don’t care and believe someone will fix this problem soon not many have been too successful. I wish to lessen the amount of pollution caused by transportation by making electric vehicles cheaper and more affordable although the prices are dropping not all people can afford them and gasoline fueled cars are the only alternative it seems but I would like to change that and lower the prices of electric vehicles to lessen pollution and help save the Planet Earth . I have decided to involve members of the state representatives of states heavily effected by pollution like Texas and California.