Dear Colourpop Cosmetics

Dear Colourpop Cosmetics

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Dear ColourPop,

We, the dedicated customers of your brand, are concerned about the recent stocking issues on your site. While we love new products and releases, we are running out of concealer, brow pencils, eyeliners, and many other staple items that we have already tried and love. As of today (11/9/21), there are 17 days until the biggest shopping season of the year. Taking some time off from launching new collections and instead focusing on restocking means that there will be enough product in stock to sell when that time comes.

In addition to restocking, we have some other requests:

•       Bring back the COLOUR in Colourpop - We love neutrals! These are shades that a lot of us can easily wear every day. However, lately there have been an abundance of neutrals and not a lot of fun and unique colors. We would love to see neons or duo/multi chrome shades.

•       SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS - These are the first products you guys ever released and we love them! We would love to see some new shades or some old favorites (such as the ones shown in the photo attached to this petition)!

•       ULTRA SATIN Liquid Lipsticks - This is a favorite of many of your customers and we are missing this formula.

•       Jelly Much shadows - These are a fan favorite but unfortunately many of us have found that they dry out quickly before we can use them as much as we’d like. Is it possible to reformulate this product or possibly repackage them into tubes?

•       Product Limits - After big launches like the Sailor Moon collection and the Hocus Pocus collection, we have found that it may be in good interest to instate an order limit of 2 items per purchase order on initial launches of HIGHLY ANTICIPATED releases such as the ones listed above. Resale apps such as Mercari and Poshmark are flooded with items that can be 2-3x what they were originally sold for. It's really disheartening to us loyal Colourpop customers who miss out on a collection due to the people buying it up only to resell at an absurdly high price.

•       SHIPPING - Many of us have issues with DHL because it can be slow. We understand if it is not possible, but we would love to be able to have more options available to us for shipping. 

* Glitter Glue - We would love to see some awesome glitter glue to go along with the glitters you guys sell!
* Color Correcting Concealers

Thank you guys for creating awesome, affordable products! We hope to hear from you soon,

Your loyal customers



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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!