Justice for Luv, Do A Nationwide Voting for Semi-Finale Week. No Mall Votes

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For everyone who have been following the show Bigg Boss 11 closely and is very active in supporting their favorite members may have noticed how unfair this week's eviction voting was. 

The voting was done by a live crowd of around 500 - 600 people in a Mall in Vashi, Mumbai. Many people there were not regular watchers, they were just there to see either Hina or Shilpa Shinde who are pretty well known faces, so it was quite obvious voting was in their favor. 

However, that's not the face. This way of voting was way too unfair for not only the contestants but the viewers all over India. We have been active in voting our favorite contestants since Week 1 and now in a stage where voting is very important, a small crowd of a specific location was chosen to decide for the entire country? It is not only unfair for Luv, but a cheating for us, audience. Why we were not given a chance to vote for our favorite contestant at this important stage. 

There have been Live voting on Voot app and all of the times no live voting was done for eviction purposes even though the entire India was able to vote. But all of a sudden why a small place was chosen to become the voice of India by letting them vote on behalf of every viewer? 

We want this decision to be withdrawn by the Endemol Shine India, the producer of Bigg Boss 11 and would love to participate in a nationwide normal voting for this week's nominated contestants (Luv, Vikas, Hina and Shilpa). After that we are ready to accept the result. Let the entire India decide, not just a couple of hundreds of people in a secluded mall. 

Voting should be in hands of every viewer from all over the India. Take your decision back, do a fresh voting on Voot app that is open for the whole India.