Stop Broadcasting Senseless and Absurd Kannada Serials

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Stop Broadcasting Meaningless Kannada Serials

The Problem which needs to be solved is how The Serials make the elderly people in our family give less time to people who live with them.

So Why Stop Them?

1. These Serials are completely Illogical.

2. There's no Moral to anything they watch.

3. And the worst part about these Serials are they run for years together.

4. And the only message these serials deliver is "go behind that person's Property".

So imagine the amount of time anyone who watches it will be wasting.

I feel Animes deliver a better message to the viewers than the serials which have real people in it. So i hope people reading this understand what i'm trying to say, and Support by Signing this Petition to not just me but also to the people who feel the same.