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Colorado Youth Soccer/ Colorado Soccer Association: Please allow Colorado Legacy FC membership status through CSA

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Colorado Legacy FC is a new soccer club in the West Highlands Ranch /Roxborough area. They have attained non-profit status, have phenomenal coaches and staff, fields for our kids, over 100 recreational players ready to play, and five competitive teams hanging in the balance of those who do not want them to exist. Legacy's goal is to bring back a community-feel to the sport at an affordable price- that focuses on putting kids first.

Colorado Legacy FC has been denied membership by the Colorado Soccer Association Executive Board largely in part to the belief that other larger area soccer clubs already exist and provide a similar product. This is simply not true. Below is the official denial from CYS:

1. The application did not outline any new services that Legacy FC could provide; all services in the application are currently being offered to the said community.

2. There are currently 3 stable and viable clubs in the community meeting all aspects and needs that Legacy FC was offering.

3. Legacy FC did not demonstrate that there were 100 unregistered players in the community.  The list provided was researched and verified by CYS and several players were connected to other clubs in the community.

In response to CYS' claims, Colorado Legacy FC would like to offer soccer players and their parents another option for competitive and recreational soccer by doing the following. Colorado Legacy FC does not agree with the claims in which CYS has provided and truly do believe that an alternative to the status quo has been presented.

Colorado Legacy will:

1. Provide the sport for 40% to 60% less the cost, (depending on the age and playing level) of other area clubs and helping the sport to grow through providing players and avenue to play soccer that may not otherwise be able to play due to cost.

2. Bring back a community-feel. Soccer should be provided to youth and not cause families to have to travel an hour or more to find the best quality soccer for their child. What happened to playing with your siblings, friends, and neighbors? Colorado Legacy will bring that back.

3. Kids come first. Area clubs have grown and now provide up to seven levels of play for each age level and gender. This simply does not allow for kids to grow and receive the attention and respect players deserve. Once on a team beyond the second or third level of play, in most cases, the quality of soccer provided has dramatically dropped. Colorado Legacy will commit to staying small and provide high-level training for all players of all abilities. If we cannot provide the right fit for every child, we will help them find a place that best suits their needs and desires as a player and child. Have the current clubs asked themselves why so many of families are looking for an alternative?

How is Colorado Legacy different? They are a group of educators who want all kids to have a chance to play the sport they love. Soccer is too expensive, has lost its feel for community, and is about the bottom line. CLFC wants to bring back what youth soccer truly is- about kids and developing players into young people who can use the sport as a catalyst for life lessons. They want to start a new "Legacy" in soccer.

***The reason behind the updated information is to show the followers of Colorado Legacy FC that this organization is fully transparent and does not mislead its community. It is also in response to a communication received by the leaders of Legacy from CYS representatives that again was misleading and had untruths about the organization. The email claimed that Legacy held try-outs without insurance. Which again is untrue and insurance has been supplied to CYS. This too has been recorded.

Below are the simple rules to follow in order to become a member of CYS:

1. Submit a copy of its rules, procedures, constitution, bylaws, 501(c) (3) non
profit status application, board of directors list, and player lists to the
Membership Committee. All applications will be reviewed no later than the
next scheduled Executive Committee meeting.

2. Include in their player base at least one hundred (100) currently unregistered players. Mergers of existing clubs are specifically excluded from the one hundred unregistered player requirements.

Colorado Legacy has done the above and did not receive any documentation showing that the 100+ players provided were not current CYS players other than the explanation provided above. In the appeal process, Legacy will resubmit players committed to its club, but again have not been provided with which players should be removed from their list. This lack of transparency only sets Legacy up for failure in an environment they feel they can offer up an alternative setting and philosophy for youth soccer.

What this comes down to is that Colorado Legacy FC simply wants to provide its community another opportunity in youth soccer.

Thank you for your continued support.

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