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Colorado: Time for Heart Attack and Stroke Care Improvements

If you or someone you loved had a heart attack or stroke would you want them to receive the best care? The American Heart Association supports several measures that will improve the type of care received by those who experience a heart attack or stroke in the state of Colorado.

We have been working hard on policy that will allow the Department of Public Health and Environment to publically recognize hospitals that have gone through a national accreditation process to be designated as STEMI (a type of major heart attack) receiving/referring and comprehensive and primary stroke centers. These hospitals give the best care to those who experience these life threatening emergencies. 

Hospitals  that have been accredited will:

-Ensure that highly specialized treatment is received by those who experience a STEMI heart attack or stroke. 

-Increase access to hospitals for heart attack and stroke care

-Give Colorado hospitals the opportunity to be recognized as facilities that can give life-saving diagnosis and treatment.

-Foster better outcomes for those who experience heart attacks or stroke in the state of Colorado.

Another step to improving care is to set up statewide Stroke and STEMI registries.  These registries will allow us to paint a better picture of when and where heart attacks and stroke are occurring in Colorado, and how we can streamline the process to create better outcomes.

This is about saving lives.  Pledge your support now to improve Colorado's care for those who experience a heart attack or stroke.

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