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Plastic Bag Ban in the whole state of Colorado

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    A plastic bag ban in the whole state of colorado would decrease the amount of solution caused by humans. Not only do plastic bags make it into our landfills, oceans, and other bodies of water they never truly decompose. Although the plastic may be gone to the human eye bits of micro-plastics remain in the land and water. Many animals such as Whale Sharks and Sea turtles mistake these small pieces of micro-plastic as plankton or small shrimp. These animals think they are full but actually starve to death. Plastic bags are banned in many costal states such as Hawaii, but at the end of it all the plastic makes its way down through our rivers and out into the ocean or, creating piles and piles of landfill in our country. Having paper bags would limit the amount of pollution in the ecosystem and would help the marine life even if only a few states have this law because paper is decomposable because microorganisms break down the bag completely unlike plastic . If more and more states follow the waste will reduce and hopefully will change the way we see and use the earth. 

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