Protect our children from violence when a mother or father has a history of violence.

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My name is Kim Sosa. I am grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren and a retired law enforcement officer. My daughter recently got out of a violent relationship. Her live in boyfriend who is currently on drugs and has a history of domestic violence, a long criminal record, and abuse, threw her out of the house and kept her children. The police were unable to get her children back until she filed a restraining order and for custody which cost $300 and could not be done until the following day. The children were in danger during the time she had to file. When she got them back, they were filthy and the baby had dried feces indicating he had not been changed. In addition he had lost weight. With this man's history, the children should have been given to her immediately so they were safe. When she called the police all they did was check the house(which was filthy And had bed bugs) but the police said "It could be cleaner but it's ok" They were told several times the children were in danger as he had beat my daughter and there was a recorded history of abuse and drug use. In Colorado, the law states the police cannot take children from a parent if there is no custody agreement. The parent has to file a restraining order and file  for custody before they can get their children back. In a case where there is no custody agreement, the law needs to be changed to show if there is a violent history in one parents record, especialy the parent who took the children, then parent cannot keep the children and the children should be placed with the safest parent. Then the  parents can follow legal procedures for custody or visitation after. The children should not be put in a position where they are unsafe just because there is no custody agreement. It should be law that the record is pulled on both parents in a domestic case to make an informed decision. 

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