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For the past 26 years, King Soopers customers have been able to pick up their copies of the Independent while they shop.

Last month 17,000 did so, more than 4,000 every week.

On Sept. 3, we learned that Kroger — King Soopers' Ohio-based owners — had issued an edict: All free publications would be removed from their stores nationwide.  In some markets, such as Boise, Idaho, where there was a sign posted on a rack, they have already removed all free publications.

King Soopers says they listen to their customers. So we are asking their customers to sign the following petition.

Dear King Soopers,

I’ve shopped at your Colorado Springs stores at least once in the past six months. I’d appreciate it very much if you allowed your customers to continue to pick up the Colorado Springs Independent while shopping at your Pikes Peak area stores.

Thank you

* Disclaimer: The request for donations is from for use of the platform and not from the Colorado Springs Independent.