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Petitioning Colorado Springs 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office

Re-open the investigation into the death of my brother, Dominic C. Oliver

My brother, Dominic C. Oliver was killed by Colorado Springs Police officers on February 28, 2012. His death was ruled a "justifiable homicide" based on police statements. On April 25th, 2013 (Dominic's 30th birthday) Colorado Springs police officer James "Angelo" Butierres was arrested for theft and forgery. Officer Butierres was one of the police officers that was in the building when my brother was killed. He won an award in November of 2012 for his part in my brother's demise. If he can so easily lie to the state that he is suppose to serve and protect and steal money from them, is it not just as likely he would lie about the events that took place on February 28th, 2012? My brother lost his life and even with conflicting police statements his death was ruled justifiable. How can you justify a death with a statement from a dirty cop? My brother's voice needs to be heard and his case needs to be re-opened!

Letter to
Colorado Springs 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office
I beg you to re-open the investigation into the death of my big brother, Dominic C. Oliver. If officer James "Angelo" Butierres lied to you and the entire state of Colorado about hours he didn't work, is it not possible he lied about the events on 2/28/12 that led to my big brother's demise? Please re-evaluate Dominic's case. Just because he passed away does not mean his voice should not be heard!

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