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STOP Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission from killing Bears & Mountain Lions

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The Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Commission is spending $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS to set cruel inhumane traps that will leave Bears and Mountain Lions helpless and suffering, only to be shot to do death as an easy target by hunters.

From their plan: "Cougar and black bear removal methods employed will
consist of cage traps, culvert traps, foot snares, and trailing hounds for capture and a firearm will be used for euthanasia."
Aside from the bears and mountain lions targeted, traps also injure and kill a variety of unintended targets, such as Eagles, pets, and even deer themselves! 

The The Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Commission claims that this is to increase deer population, so that more are available for hunters to kill.  Deer-related auto accidents are still a huge problem, yet the commission wants to increase their numbers?

Killing predators just so we can kill more of their prey? 
Reports say hunters have influenced the commission into this decision.
Real hunters don't shoot trapped animals.

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