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Let Colorado Vote!

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1.3 million taxpaying Coloradan’s are barred from casting a ballot in the presidential, state and local nominating process because of needlessly confusing, and time-consuming, closed caucuses and primaries which ban unaffiliated voter participation.

Unaffiliated voters outnumber both Republican and Democrat voters in Colorado. It is simply wrong to exclude the largest group of voters from the elections they pay taxes for.

There’s a better way: An Associated Press-NORC poll found that 69% of Americans want to open primaries to all voters, and 81% believe primaries are a fairer process for nominating candidates.

That’s why we’ve proposed two ballot initiatives to restore a presidential primary in Colorado and open taxpayer financed primaries to all Colorado voters. By passing these initiatives, we can make sure every single Coloradan can participate in our democracy – the way it was intended.

We have a real shot at winning, but we need your help. Earlier this month a handful of partisan insiders opposed to increased participation in our elections made unprecedented, 11th-hour alterations to the supposedly nonpartisan "Blue Book" that will be sent to all Colorado voters.

Here’s how their actions were received:

“Colorado lawmakers' misguided meddling in Blue Book” The Denver Post‎ 09/06/2016

“An excellent example of why so many Americans now disdain both major parties." The Daily Camera 09/06/2016

Instead of keeping the balanced arguments for and against efforts to restore a presidential primary and to open primaries to unaffiliated voters -- which had been crafted over months of rigorous nonpartisan review -- the lawmakers inserted factually inaccurate language in hopes of preserving the status quo.

Colorado’s political insiders have made it very clear where they stand when it comes to increasing participation in our elections. Will you make it clear to them that they won’t stop us?

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