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Stop The Resource Exchange's unfair business practices against people with special needs!

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Colorado Springs & El Paso County's only Community Centered Board (C.C.B.) The Resource Exchange (T.R.E.) needs serious State and Medicaid oversight. T.R.E. does not seem to base their investigations on rights and regulations, and more on personal feelings and personal beliefs. If a Service Coordinator (a T.R.E. caseworker) doesn't care for you, it's already tainted and effects the outcome of these investigations.

If it was based on getting facts from the residents (Person Receiving Services) and the Host Home Providers (H.H.P.) and then assess the situation based on facts, if the residents want to stay, and there are no visible issues (like clear signs of "health & safety" issues), let's not make them unstable by removing them from their stable homes. Let's instead review what might need changing &/or correcting. And T.R.E. should be required to review the details with the contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors (including Host Home Providers, which they currently do not do).

There is currently no time limitation on how long they may "conduct these investigations."  They've been known to drag them on for several months without much if anything to go based upon. There should be a reasonable time limit to finalize these investigations unless it is a criminal investigation lead and sponsored by the local law enforcement agencies.

The state needs to be involved in monitoring these agencies to better serve the people that need state care services because right now, it is negatively affecting everyone below The Resource Exchange.

I am a Host Home Provider (H.H.P.), serving adult people with special needs, whom cannot live on their own. So, I open up my house to make it our home, as they come to live with me. I have been a caring & supportive H.H.P. for almost 7 years now.  

In late September, The Resource Exchange (T.R.E.) came to do an "Unannounced Home Visit" on our home. The ladies appeared somewhat hostile and one even demanded and behaved very unprofessional. The next day, I reported her for her attitude to her supervisor, and she told me "Are you really sure that you want to file this complaint?" The very next day, for no apparent reason, state (of Colorado)-supported agencies that we H.H.P.s contract with came into the home and began to remove the residents from our home, against their will. That day, I learned that I was under formal investigation. It appeared to be retaliation for filing the complaint.

The local law enforcement (Colorado Springs Police Dept.) came out while one of the agencies were still at the home. The 3 CSPD officers inspected the home and said there was nothing wrong with the home (even stated it in the obtained report), and left. The remaining agency, also said that there was nothing wrong with the home, and allowed their person to continue to reside in our home.

As the days went by, my other resident (who is his own guardian) who was removed from our home, became unstable, and continually insisted that he wanted to return home (where he was mostly stable for the 15 months that he had been in our home), and he was told "no" every time. He's been in and out of 6 respite homes in about a month. He's now staying with "friends" (refusing more respite placements) and he's since had misfortune with each of these homes, ranging from Bedbug bites, malnourishment (from being on the streets), respite providers whom dictate what they can & cannot do (violation of rights a.k.a. M.A.N.E.) and now, even a viral sickness. They said that they removed him from our caring home for "Unsafe Living Conditions" and yet, he seems so safe now.

In early October, T.R.E. and Adult Protective Services (A.P.S.) came to our immaculate home to interview me. They began by stating what a lovely home we had, and we began the interview. During the interview, which was being tape recorded, the lead interviewer apologized on behalf of T.R.E. and said that things were done that doesn't usually happen at T.R.E. and that they "don't conduct business that way." He said that all of the rooms "looked fine to him" and that I hadn't done anything wrong with regards to a guest that had stayed for no longer than 12 days at a time, and that I didn't do anything wrong with having 3 residents at one time in the home, as I had not solicited them all and had no knowledge of T.R.E.'s 3 resident procedure. A.P.S. proceeded to close out their case and said that I had done nothing wrong and that an incident happened to one of my residents during his "Community Alone Time" was his own doing, despite his T.R.E. caseworker telling his dad that I was directly "responsible" for it.

Since then, this "Investigation" has been going on and on. I have submitted evidence to help clear my name, multiple times. Evidence which includes screenshots of texts that his dad received (which T.R.E. says that they are not allowed to say), screenshots that also say things that show my innocence, statements by the person who was visiting me for no more than 12 days, that was/is a witness, etc. I have spoken to the C.E.O. directly about this issue, as well as the investigator, and the head of the investigation department (Q.E.T.), and even this far along, going on 2 months, nothing positive seems has been done. This is ruining the lives of my resident(s) who is still to this day are demanding that they return home to our house, and being told no. And as a direct result of them dragging this on, he is about to lose his state services which he needs.

This whole thing appears to be personal and nothing more than retaliation on the part of The Resource Exchange. One of the caseworkers from T.R.E. was at a residential agency that I contracted with previously. She always made it unpleasant back then too, and now she's in a position even higher than before, and she's the one who was demanding and shouting at me in our home in late September. I would think that it would have been a "Conflict Of Interest" for her to take my residents case, instead of recusing herself and having someone more impartial take it. It has been stated that she doesn't even have any other case with adults in my residents department, and now she just happens to have it.

The Resource Exchange is the only Community Centered Board (C.C.B.) in the Colorado Springs area and even the county. So there is no one else to oppose them, and they continue to operate the way they do. Many other good H.H.P.s go through the undue & unfair scrutiny every year, while the ones with Bedbugs, dication, ones who steal from their residents, etc. never even get investigated. And some T.R.E. caseworkers (like the ones my residents have) themselves even break the rules and co-hearse the residents into their will, which is also M.A.N.E. (Mistreatment, Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation).

It's not a matter of "if" a good provider will get investigated, it's "when" it will happen. It's not "what" you know, it's "who" you know around here. If we agree with T.R.E.'s cause and wishes, it's not a problem. If you don't, you get hit with a M.A.N.E. allegation and an investigation. It's a House Of Cards. I have spent savings on legal advice, and I cannot continue to do much more.

Please help! Give more oversight to the C.C.B. The Resource Exchange, so they have to be in compliance with the state, and not retaliate against good H.H.P.s like myself and the many others that have gone or are going through this.

Thank you for your time!

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