The ability for first time drug offenders to be able to seal all public records. This would be retroactive and include any and all possession charges.

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In may of 2010 I was convicted of possession of a scheduled 2 drug a class 4 Felony more than 2 grams. I was denied a deffered sentence because the Judge stated that it would set a bad example. I was sentenced to 25 days in jail, community service, about 5k in fines, three years probation and had to attend drug court. I was thankful that I was not sent to prison. I did not do well in Drug Court and felt I was stuck in Salida, Colorado. When I failed Drug Court I was sent to a corrections based treatment center for 90 days. It was a terrible experience for recovery but it opened my eyes to how many people have been locked up in prison for drug abuse and other drug related crimes. They were locked up young and had learned nothing while locked up about life and society. The were ill prepared and uneducated to reenter society and their addictions never arrested. In October of 2011 I received a interstate compact allowing me to return to my home state of Kansas. I was assigned to the parole dept to finish out my probabtion. I no longer had pay a private company to do drug testing twice a week. The state paid the testing. (This is important for someone struggling to find a job) helped me find work and encouraged education and other programs to help arrest addiction. I was discharged from probation in July on 2013. I got clean here in Kansas with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and remain so today. However my sentence is far from over. In the state of Colorado I am unable to seal my possession charge. This causes me and others to be treated as second rate citizens and greatly reduces the chance for gainful employment, which I have always had, prior to my arrest. I get offered employment, my credentials and experience are exceptional, but I am unable to "pass" a background check. I could ask for a pardon in 2023 which history shows is rarely done for political reasons. I do not feel like I deserve a life sentence nor the stigma for something I did mostly to myself. The State I live in today allows for expungement of many felony convictions giving individuals a chance at living successful lives in society. Many of my brothers and sisters in AA have had their felonies expunged remain sober and have a shot at gainful employement with out discrimination of being a criminal for life. I have seen many people turn their lives completely around and remain free of the grips of their diseases. There are many non violent drug offenders that are branded criminals and even though they get clean they are pushed down to lower menial work despite their intelligence and experience. I need your signatures and those of your families and loved ones whom have suffered along with you. It is time for a change and only we can make this happen!!!