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Label Black Lives Matter a Hate Group!

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Many years ago the KKK was labeled a Hate group for obvious reasons. Lately a new group, Black Lives Matter have emerged in our society creating the same threat and domestic terrorism as the KKK. Black lives matter have endorsed hate and violence against citizens and Police simply because of the color of their skin. Unlawful protests and riots have been started by BLM and its followers. Recently we saw the effects of BLM protests across the country and the deadly and violent aftermath of these protests. Police have been murdered by BLM followers and even a YouTube video was made by a woman condoning violence and death to non black citizens and Police officers. As was with the KKK, by labeling Black Lives Matter a hate group, they will be monitored and restricted as to their actions and will be charged with a hate crime for their actions. Labeling BLM a hate group will place responsibility of crimes committed by BLM members solely on them and their group. This label will also bring awareness to the issues of race and violence and show that no matter the color of your skin, violence will not be tolerated!

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