Ask Colorado Governor Jared Polis to help get Fair Trial for Mr. Hebert

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Seeking Invocation of the Authority of the Governor of the State of Colorado, the Esteemed Jared Polis

We, the undersigned, are respectfully asking that the powers of the office of Governor Jared Polis be brought to bear in whatever possible way to assist Mr. Hebert's effort to receive his long overdue Constitutional Right to a fair hearing, free of intentionally presented false evidence and perjury. (This is not a request for pardon, or commutation, or any sort of clemency)

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It has been a years-long struggle to overturn a false conviction for murder that was imposed on Mr. Hebert by Denver Police and Denver District Attorney in 2003.

These entities knowingly and intentionally brought fabricated evidence; ignored other information that would have led them to the actual perpetrator; misrepresented forensic evidence; coached and presented perjury from witnesses that they knew to be untrue; themselves perjured; and furnished a case-in-chief to the court and jury that they knew to be false.

A few weeks after the trial the prosecutors discovered their key witness, on whose false testimony their case theory completely depended, was actually a years-long practicing serial murderer whose motivation for perjuring was to divert suspicion from himself. Their response was to keep this information from the defense team--and cost years of searching for the witness until finally locating him (in another Colorado prison!) and unraveling the blanket of lies the D.A. had woven and used to deceive the jury.

For more than fifteen years, relief in Colorado courts has been denied on "procedural error" grounds without ever allowing the presentation of facts of the case for an open full examination. Police, District Attorney and courts have thus deprived Mr. Hebert of the Constitutions protective guarantee of Due Process, which is defined as simply a "fair hearing."

  • There are no eye-witnesses, and no direct evidence.
  • The chief detective perjures about blood on the defendant’s shoe.
  • A mystery novel’s passage is allowed by the judge into evidence even though there is no proof the defendant ever knew of its existence.
  • Evidence is known to prosecutors of two perpetrators – but never shared with the defense.
  • The prosecutors purposely misrepresents forensic blood testing.
  • No one ever saw the defendant hurt or threaten his wife; or ever heard him say a bad word to her or about her, nor even heard him raise his voice to her.
  • No motive is ever established. The prosecutor admits: “We don’t know why.”

Please sign this petition and respectfully ask Colorado Governor Jared Polis to help get a fair trial for Mr. Hebert:

Colorado Constituent Services Help Line: (303) 866-2885

Governor's Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471

Office of the Governor, 136 State Capitol Bldg, Denver, CO 80203

Twitter: @GovofCO


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