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The problem that is one of the most important is the destruction trees also known as deforestation, trees are vital to life since they first produce oxygen, they create resources we use on a daily basis, they house wildlife, and trees can provide water. Trees are first known all around for being the lungs of the earth since trees produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide to filter it back out. We also use trees for resources since most wood is used for housing but when deforestation is happening the forest is wasted for no reason at all. Trees even house wildlife since most endangered species are almost extinct because of how their homes are being destroyed, and there is no place for them to thrive. Also, Trees can produce water since trees are part of the water cycle by the process known as evaporation.

Trees have been around before humanity was first born and now there is a chance that trees won't be around after us all because of how trees are being cut down for no reason. One of the essential parts of trees is that trees are seen as the air conditioning of the world as said by Charles, Prince of Wales "Forests … are in fact the world’s air-conditioning system—the very lungs of the planet—and help to store the largest body of freshwater on the planet … essential to produce food for our planet’s growing population." Trees even get rid of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere to help with air pollution and to replace it with fresh, clean air.
Deforestation can also be blamed for how it is killing off wildlife that used to live in the trees that they cut down since most animals that have lost their homes can be seen as either extinct or so endangered that were moved somewhere else. Including nobody in our future generations will ever see a monkey or lemur in the wild since most will have to be kept in captivity to save them. Including the facts about how the lemur species are dying with proof that 64 percent of the lemurs will be extinct if all of the forests in the Amazon and Brazil are cut down but the other percent are unknown.

Finally one of the most critical but unknown facts about trees is that they can produce water from the process of evaporation. In simpler terms, it absorbs the water from the earth and releases it into the environment as tiny droplets after which they rise and cooling to form clouds, and the clouds bring rain. So, deforestation is killing the water cycle, and by doing that, we are continually turning the earth into a desert.


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