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Colorado elementary schools: Add meditation to the required curriculum in K-5 classes.

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                We have tried countlessly to solve the problem of violence in our school for years. Our youths' minds are not much different than ours, in that we often victimize ourselves unconsciously. Negative thoughts seem to have a secret door to the forefront of our minds and are more than persistent than most other types of thought.  Negative thoughts, and things we find irritable or intolerable are both problems that can lead to falsified emotion and violence. Even though these problems seem out of our control they are not. Meditation can give us the means of controlling and even putting these issues at a halt. Peace of mind allows us to form a detachment from situations, giving us a better perspective of what is going on.


                Our youth deserve to learn the skills that can help them evaluate situations before acting on them. Putting this as a required daily activity in k-5 classrooms will teach our children to use meditation techniques in their everyday life. This is a skill that will follow them thoughout their lives, just as other core skills children learn at this age.  


 For more information on meditation and its general benefits please check out the following websites:

              This has unlimitted possiblities for products of success. What we are focusing on is the opportunity to decrease and hopefully mitigate violence in our schools. In turn creating a ripple effect on society. This petition is supporting a different stance on bullying and heinous crimes. Please help us turn this idea into a reality.

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