Dissolve and abolish Pretrial services. Deception, they treat you as though you are guilty

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They are governmentally funded by tax payer money. They support the far left concerning your Constitutional right to bail pursuant to our 5th and 14th amendments. Each FREE citizen is entitled to choose which bond option is best for themselves.

Pre Trail Services may require you a monthly ankle monitoring fee, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, urinary analysis, breath analysis, anger management fees at a monthly costs totaling over $600 per month for many months, until you are convicted. These costs are not refundable even if you are found innocent.

Pre trial services advocates such as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) and Google, Inc. cite you no longer have a Constitutional rights, and the inherent right to keep and bare arms pursuant to your 2nd amendment rights.

Many have been released by court order through the use of personal recognizance and pre-trial supervision only to have the rate of failure to appear increase at over 500% at a cost to the taxpayer, plus increase to your public safety by putting you in harms way without the defendant ever being held accountable.

Commercial bail has been the accepted method and mainstay for over 200+ years with no out of pocket money from the taxpayers and only charging a single one time non-refundable insurance premium.

It's time to take back America, it's your country, it's your rights, it's your constitution, and your freedom at stake.