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Don't sell Neverland

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Neverland, Michael Jackson's house, is one of the most important places for Michael Jackson's fans. It's one of the reminders that we have of Michael, also, isn't fair that michael put all his effort to create it as he dreamed and 5 years before his dead you decide that the best thing is sell it, we can keep it like michael want and instead of sell to anyone that maybe change a lot of things, all of you can keep all michael's stuff and create a museum for us, his fans enjoy the legacy that he left.

If you sell Neverland, all of you are take away a dream from millions of people that dream with someday visit Neverland and remember to Michael, there are many things more important that money, there are dreams, many people are sure that Neverland is the place where you can still connect spiritually with Michael like nowhere. Please, you can do this and remember Michael's words:


"I wanted to have a place where i could create everything i never had as a child"

"I will always love it and i'll never, ever sell Neverland"

"Neverland is me, you know? It's represents the totally of who I am"

- Michael Jackson


The Presley's got to keep Graceland so why can't we keep Neverland?

And remember, it was our dream to see it one day restored as a memorial to the magic brought by the man and the tragedy brought on him by the mankind.


Thank you

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