Colombia and Maradona to stop whining like petulant children

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So. After spending an entire football match cheating, whinging, tampering with the pitch, and trying to draw England's players into reacting to open provocation; 200,000 butthurt children (and a diminutive coke-head serial cheat) have seen fit to sign a petition demanding that the referee of the England vs Colombia match justify himself in order to 'set a precedent for fairness' without the slightest hint of irony whatsoever. Diego Maradona has called for the match to be replayed and, rightly, been told by FIFA to f*ck off back to his coke den. Their reasoning for this is a decision to award Harry Kane a penalty in the second half was allegedly suspect (despite him now having a legitimate claim to join the #metoo movement) and a Colombian 'goal' which blatantly occurred after the referee had stopped play was disallowed because it occurred after the referee HAD STOPPED F*CKING PLAY.

The way that the Colombian players, staff, and now a section of their support have behaved is nothing short of laughable and I urge, nay, DEMAND that any lover of our fair and beautiful game sign this petition and send a message to the aforementioned butthurt children to stfu and, indeed, gtfo.

Thank you for your time.

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