I would like Collingwood supporters to understand that they lost the 2018 Grand Final.

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On Saturday the 29th of September the AFL Grand Final was held in Melbourne, Australia. For several weeks prior to this event non-Western Australians didn't give much hope to the West Coast Eagles winning a 4th Premiership. Comments were made along this lines of "whitewash", "no hope" and my favourite "Any team but the Eagles".

The game was a hard fought contest. Collingwood had a massive 29 point lead that diminished over time. The Eagles fought back. Umpiring was not great, and favoured Collingwood most of the game but that's football. 

In the end, after a magnificent passage of play that began with a classic Jeremy McGovern intercept mark, a beautiful kick to Vardy, a classic mark by Ryan and a stolen intercept mark by Sheed, the Eagles hit the front.

Sure, there was a contest between Maynard and Rioli, with Sheed sneaking in front to steal the mark- thereby making the marking contest of Maynard and Rioli irrelevant. Sheed slotted a goal off a beautiful kick and the game was in the balance. Maybe one should be asking who was on Sheed to leave him open like that- but we won't.

The pressure from the Eagles was intense and resulted in a 5 point win.

What a game. Of course there has to be a loser. Eddie acknowledged they were beaten on the day. Pendles admitted they were beaten on the day. But a few, select fans are salty. 

I hope that this petition allows the Collingwood supporters who are upset, and demanding a replay of the GF, to understand that they lost because the Eagles were too good. That the Eagles won despite a non-call on Howe, Cox (Shuey is lucky he still has a head), Cox (held Hurn after the mark was taken then drew him to the ground. Should of been a 50m but we moved on), Vardy's mark that wasn't paid and the 30 odd holding the ball decisions that weren't paid against Collingwood. Each one of these could have changed the outcome. 

And let's be honest. If West Coast kicked straight we wouldn't even be having this debate about Rioli and Maynard as the game would have been over.

Hopefully this petition helps them move forward. Congratulations to both sides on an awesome game and well done West Coast.