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Please Enforce Existing Collingdale Zoning Ordinances 610-2, 610-3 and 610-4

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We, the undersigned, petition Council to enforce the existing zoning ordinances 610-2, 610-3 and 610-4. We also petition Council to rescind the variances recently granted for the proposed new Super WAWA on Upland Terrace and MacDade Boulevard.

The proposed Super WAWA will severely violate these ordinances by:

1) Encroaching on existing residential neighborhood (Upland Terrace) and changing residential zoning to industrial/commercial zoning.

2) Creating a conflict by allowing commercial use on formerly residential properties.

3)Destroying the character and condition of the built environment (demolition of 4 buildings on MacDade Boulevard and Upland Terrace).

4)Destroying local pride by the establishment of WAWA signs on borough property and the wanton destruction of properties adjacent and on borough property without cause. Possible loss of community identity.

5)Demolishing local historic resources-Two of the buildings scheduled for demolition are almost 100 years old and play significant roles in local history.

6) Dislocating residents and breaking community bonds by completely demolishing half a block on the right hand side of Upland Terrace.

7) Creating excessive traffic density by the introduction of a Super WAWA in an already tight neighborhood.

8) Intruding and disrupting this fairly stable environment and severely affecting quality of life.

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