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In Favor of Lake Lavon Corridor Freeway and East West Option 4A

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Lake Lavon Bridge has been approved by the Collin County Planning Board and Transportation Committee since the 90's. The Lavon Bridge was placed on the Collin County Mobility Map in 2002. Bond election was passed in 2007 to do the study in preparation for implementing the bridge due to HUGE mobility problems, high rate of accidents, delays in daily travel, healthcare emergencies, and NO East West outlet due to the heavily congested roadways of Hwy 78, FM 544, FM 2514, and FM 1378 at a 2017 Congestion Cost of $10.7 billion per the North Central Council of Governments. Current projections by Collin County 2035 is 900,000 on the east side of Collin County. The expansion of Hwy 78 is a Bandaid not a Resolve and per Collin County, TxDot, NCTCOG, and HTNB, and Jacobs can NOT handle that capacity!

The residents who live North on Hwy 78 Lavon, Nevada, Copeville, Farmersville, and Blue Ridge have NO way home when highway 78 is shut down especially at the Spillway bridge just before 205. These residents are literally having to back track through Wylie to get onto FM 1378 to FM 546 onto FM 982 to get to 380 to get back onto Hwy 78! For what should be a 5-10 minute trip home! When 911 took place chaos began on 78, as the Dam road was closed, and those residents had no means of crossing over the lake to get to Lake Rd and to Hwy 6 to Hwy 78 north.

It was made clear and Need and Purpose were established per HTNB and Jacobs Engineering that southeast Collin County and Hwy 78 is a failure with a grade of F for failure to comply with the unload of George Bush I90, FM 544, FM 1378, and FM 2514. THERE IS NO EAST WEST Transportation System and NO way off 78 as it runs North and South. The Lavon Corridor Freeway needs to be put back on the Collin County Map, approved, and implemented until construction! Our lack in doing so is a failure to heed the advisement from those who were before us 2 decades ago  AND THEIR PROJECTIONS were CORRECT! and NOT heeding 2 Engineering firms advisement HTNB Engineering and Jacobs Engineering, who both concurred we are in a gridlock with a grade of F as stated. We as tax payers have  paid over $1 MILLION dollars to RE-DEVELOP and REMOVE the BRIDGE off the Collin County Mobility Plan back in 2010 and here we are going to  pay another $1/2 million or more to have the Lavon Corridor/Bridge STUDIED AGAIN! $1 1/2 MILLION in studies and plans and 7 wasted years later that the bridge could have been still on the map but reconsidered for implementation and development and we could have saved $1 MILLION to go towards the Lavon Corridor/Bridge.

Per TxDot from 2010 - October 2017 for Highway 78, the City of Wylie, has had 744 Accidents 7 Resulting in Death, Lavon 329 Accidents and 1 Death, and Farmersville 475 Accidents and 8 Deaths for a total of 1,548 Major and Minor resulting in death 16! Since the Kill of the Lake Lavon Bridge in 2010.

The other issue is the Kansas City Railroad Truckers Thoroughfare that runs from Kreymer in Wylie to 205 and the level of burden and high risk for accidents. An accident by any of these 18 wheelers will result in Hwy 78 shut down and blockage of a means home or to work for Lavon, northeast Rockwall, Royse City, Caddo Mills, Nevada, Josephine, Fate, Copeville, and Farmersville. This requires a back track in to Wylie to get to home/work in either direction via 1378 and all the way around Lake Lavon to Princeton to 380 to 78 or back track through Wylie to Sachse and George Bush to I30.

Per NCTCOG 11/7-11/9/17 Collin County Strategic Roadway Summary of Findings:

  • Point 5 Lake Corridor alignment should be considered as a STAGED FREEWAY (WITH PARKWAY DESIGN 2-4 LANES). Evaluate reversible facility
  • Point 6 SH78/SH205/John King Blvd should continue to be advanced as a thoroughfare (US 380 to I30) and proceed through environmental clearance
  • Point 8 North South Corridor Roadway System should be west to east starting at US 75 freeway/operational improvements/freeway/thoroughfares/freeway  

East West Option 4A Corridor Findings:

  • Point 4 Travel model results suggest an expanded east - west thoroughfare network can generate more broad regional performance benefits beyond Collin County
  • Point 5 New alternatives indicate that a new thoroughfare crossing of Lake Ray Hubbard is warranted despite improvements to I30, SH 78, and/or US 380
  • Point 6 Proposed East West 4A Option does NOT cause volumes to exceed 4 lane capacity limits on Rockwall County Thoroughfare Plan facilities such as SH 66, SH 205, FM 3549, and FM 552
  • Point 8 Through utilization of some existing facilities/alignments, it is likely OPTION 4A could be implemented at A FRACTION OF THE COST FOR OPTION #3

Per the NCTCOG findings the Lavon Corridor Freeway/Bridge would be a STAGED FREEWAY of 2-4 lanes with Parkway DESIGNS especially through neighborhoods NOT A 8 LANE FREEWAY plowing down peoples houses!

East West Option 4A COST LESS is more effective in that it will improve the EAST WEST thoroughfare to get across southeast Collin County and improved overall regional  performance. The EAST WEST option also helps our neighbors in Rockwall without INCREASING lane capacity past 4 lanes. Option 4A Extends the EFFECTIVENESS OF RECENT IMPROVEMENTS ON SH 78 AND FM 544/PLANO PARKWAY. 

Per photo documentation the area of impact for the Southview onramp off Eubanks in Wylie bares NO evidence that the onramp will effect anyone as Skyview is on the waterfront edge. The road in question heads off into the water and their is nothing around it on either side in close proximity of touching it. The bridge piece off Skyview DOES not touch Colin Park, St Paul, or Avalon Park. The bridge goes straight off into the water. The pathway in the vicinity of Eubanks and Skyview area will most likely require upgrades 2-4 lanes due to East Fork Park BUT NOT A 8 LANE FREEWAY! According to NCTCOG findings as laid out.

In regards to the Corp of Engineers and the Pennisula, Clear Lake Area Princeton:

According to the Corp of Engineers, Dept of the Army, Ft Worth District Corps of Engineers, Ft Worth, Texas 3/13/06 #CESWF-OD/ESWF-RE Document.

7 Procedures

7a The proposed road must be considered a regional arterial or freeway as defined in this document. In most cases this means only Farm to Market Roads, State Highways, or Federal Highways will be considered.
7e The road does NOT connect to the interior road system of a park and/or to a Corps maintained road.
7g No road may be placed on lands designated as Environmentally Sensitive Area or in areas classified for recreation development.

The road classification according to the NCTCOG and the County is a Freeway for Regional Arterial mobility purposes. It does NOT touch any park or Corp maintained road and is NOT in an environmentally sensitive area.

Per the Corp of Engineers Master Plan 2016:                                                           Clear Lake Park has been downgraded to a Low Density area.

Most recent photo documentation shows that Clear Lake has been closed until further notice with the exception of people being allowed to camp. The park consists of a boat ramp, 2 worn down fishing piers, a bathroom, and 2 picnic tables.

In addition, per the 2010 Lake Lavon Bridge Study, US Fish and Wildlife Services there is NO endangered species that will be misplaced or disturbed  as part of the project. There are 2 species listed on the federal threatened/endangered list for Collin County. These are the Bald Eagle and the Whooping Crane. Both of these species are migratory. The project would not adversely affect either on e of these species or their habitat.

The evidences, weighing of accountability and responsibility to the approximately 100,0000 residents, as of 2017, on the southeast side of 78 in Collin County,  and the lives of those who commute and use Hwy 78 daily per TxDot 78 to 205 12,400, 78 to Skyview Ln 21,864, 205 to 2755 19,549, and 205 to Lavon Bus 78 8,080 for a total of 61,893 commutes a day!

There is NO doubt but factual evidences, that have been proven, justified, and warranted that the Lavon Corridor Freeway is  NECESSARY. Not just a thought or a placeholder but, a lifeline that effects the MASSES not just a small percentage. Everyone who is a licensed driver and owns a vehicle in Collin County has paid bridge and roadway taxes especially, for the use of 78. And we most certainly pay our County Property Tax. The vast amount of us that are rural pay Sales Tax in particular to Wylie. Wylie has received in $47 Million as of October 2017 per the State Comptrollers Office, of which a subjected large percentage of those funds, were from NON Wylie residents such as, those north of Wylie Lavon, northeast Rockwall, Nevada, Copeville, Josephine, Fate,  Farmersville, and Caddo Mills and Royse City and money that is benefiting Wylie and Wylie residents.

We, the Lavon Pro Corridor Freeway movement which consists of north and southeast Collin County citizens, Collin County Sheriff's, Lavon, Princeton, and Wylie PD, EMS/Fire Allen, Wylie, Nevada, Josephine, Farmersville, and local and state officials Petition the Collin County Commissioners Court to VOTE in Favor of the Lavon Corridor Freeway with East West Option 4A and further to have it placed on the Collin County Mobility Map PERMANENTLY until implementation and construction begins.

Becky Bernardi
Lavon Pro Corridor Freeway Community Group
previously Lake Lavon Pro Bridge est 2010
Copeville/Nevada Resident, Collin County


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