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Petition to the Collie Shire Council – Collie Not Cottesloe.

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The Collie Shire Council "Vehicles Stored on Private Property Policy" was only passed by council it seems on August 1 this year.

Did Collie Shire Council consult you as a land owner before it was voted on by councillors? A copy of the policy can be read at on Facebook: CCR Community Reel.Collie Shire Policy DS4.7  

The policy begins: "The storage of vehicles on site can be unsightly and untidy." We put it that the important word here is "can". This policy is a subjective assessment of a situation and, read as whole, constitutes a very biased instrument for depriving land owners of a legitimate use for their land. It is open to bias to characterise my hobby as being contrary to the land use restrictions of TPS5 and the other legislation quoted in the council policy. The use of the Health Act of 1911 is a gross misuse and distortion of the intent of that legislation. In particular to suggest cars are harbouring vermin is a baseless assertion. The goods we have stored on our properties are not junk or rubbish and this is more emotive language to serve the creation of a justification for our persecution.

Council has directed millions of dollars into our Motorplex. This facility becomes a farce if Collie property owners cannot own and restore cars to use at the Motorplex and the Collie Speedway. We accept that there may be some people who find the sight of our vehicles objectionable. We remind them that we purchased our land not them. If they want to control the views they see they had better get a lot more money and purchase a large estate. The rest of us common folk should be happy to live and let live. Secret complaints from nameless individuals is open to corruption. It’s called selective prosecution and is corruption. We are not a fascist or communist state. Meeting face to face when complaints arise with our council mediating a compromise is what is required. This will build better community relationships.

Many people have received letters about cars, buildings and stored materials. You may be next!  David Churches has taken a Class Action to bring the Collie Shire Council before the State Administrative Tribunal to protect our land use rights. For further information contact David on 0419 948 532. Remember you only have 28 days to join this action.

We therefore seek the following from Collie Shire Council.

We the undersigned residents of the Shire of Collie have discovered that Collie Shire Council has adopted on about August 1, 2017 “DS4.7 Vehicles Stored on Private Property Policy”. We call for Collie Shire Council to rescind this policy as its legality is questionable for the following reasons:

* Failure to consult land owners before creating this policy.

* There appear to be no grounds for its creation under our Town    Plan TPS5.
* The application of the Heath Act 1911 is a misuse of the purpose of that Act.
* Infringes our rights to the quiet enjoyment of our properties and   vested property rights.
* Impacts our land use rights, the collecting and recreational use   of  motor vehicles and like items .
* Failure to apply the policy consistently and fairly to all residents   not just some.

* The damage to community relationships by the acceptance of   anonymous complaints and the potential for selective prosecution   – corruption.

* Broad discretions in the policy leave its application open to bias.

Council should instead offer mediation from expert Town Planners to resolve genuine complaints about land use.  

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