Let Us Be Heard!

Let Us Be Heard!

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A Nelson started this petition to Colleges and

Scenario #1 

"I was just sexually assaulted in the elevator" (an SCSU freshman).

"I'm sorry we can't do anything about it" (SCSU Public Safety).

Did you know that "out of every 1000 sexual assults, 995 perpetrators will walk free" (rainn)? 230 are reported to police, 46 reports will lead to an arrest, nine cases get referred to prosecutors, five cases lead to a felony conviction, and just 4.6 rapists will be incarcerated. 

"While education and prevention efforts typically focus on women, the most likely victims of sexual assault, campuses should also direct education towards men, the most likely perpetrators" (rainn).

While females are taught how to cover almost every inch of their bodies, when will we start teaching males to start respecting our bodies? 

Faculty responsibilities include protecting not only every student's rights but their freedom (to an extent) as well. But how come the campus' public safety did nothing about it? Who are you really protecting here? 

Due to the Clery Act, which universities and colleges that have federal financial aid programs have to disclose all of the campus crime statistics along with security information, yet somehow, "the vast majority (89%) of 11,000 college and university campuses failed to disclose even a single reported incident of rape that year, even though there are numerous studies showing that campus rape is common" (AAUW).


Scenario #2

"I'm sorry that I missed your call. Please leave a message after the beep. *beep*"

This is one of many signs people present after being harassed, but most cases won't be listened to, especially on any college campuses. 

"Nearly 70 percent of college students have experienced some type of public harassment on campus, and many of them say it has negatively impacted their educational experience, according to a new survey commissioned by the Hollaback! group" (Culp-Ressler).

According to the law library, "In order to succeed on your claim, you must have evidence documenting the harassment and your damages. This may include: Communications from the harasser, including emails, voicemails, text messages, and others; Your complaints and the company's responses (or lack of a response)" (LegalMatch)." 

We had pictures of the perpetrators and an audio recording of a guy on campus who harassed multiple people in a dormitory for our documented evidence, but it was turned down because it "wasn't enough". But, according to the law library, it was enough.

In the Minnesota Statue, 121A.03 Subd. 2, Sexual, religious, and racial harassment and violence policy, states, "The policy shall apply to pupils, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel, include reporting procedures, and set forth disciplinary actions that will be taken for violation of the policy." 

Quiet, unfortunately, both of those scenarios already have happened to a lot of people on campus, and campus public safety did nothing about it but make the victims feel so unsafe. So a couple of students and I got together to raise awareness to the general public and let other victims know that they are not alone! 

- Campus public safety did nothing. Now what? We want justice for the victims, we want to be able to walk to a commons area without having to look over your shoulder every second, and we want this to stop. So please, share this and/or sign it! We need all the help we could get! 

Please, help us make colleges safe yet enjoyable, instead of a place we dread.


*Note that if you know someone who has been 'acting out' or doing anything that isn't normal for them, try to reach out to them! Just hear them out if they talk about what happened, but don't question them or be angry at them for not saying anything. Most victims of assault or harassment are too afraid to come forward and talk about what happened to them without their consent because they don't want to be judged by you. 


Some signs if a person is acting out

- abusing alcohol (or started drinking)

- abusing drugs (or started using)

- unusual behavior (like distancing themselves from friends)





0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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