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Provide Make Up Tests When CollegeBoard Is At Fault

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I was scheduled to take a SAT Subject Test (Japanese with Listening) on November 8th, 2014. However, I was not allowed to take my test through no fault of my own and was offered no makeup test or refund.


I was sent home and was not allowed to take the test because College Board’s instructions to us students are different from the instructions they give to their customer service representatives and their proctors.  College Board website states that any battery-powered CD player is acceptable as long as it has the earphone jack and no recording capabilities; yet their proctors and customer service representatives insist that it must be the walkman CD player and cannot be boomboxes.  


College Board told me that I will not get the refund, that I will not have the make up test, and that if I want to use the credit toward the Japanese AP test in May 2015, I will have to pay the Transfer fee (penalty) of $30. This is totally unacceptable since the miscommunication and wrong decision was made by their employees and proctors.


I started the petition to get College Board to give me a make up test and expedite the results so that my score can be forwarded to the universities in time for my college application.  The Japanese Subject test is only given once a year, and I’m already a senior. The Japanese Subject test will help show my strengths and help improve my chance of getting into the universities of my choice.  This test is important for my future.


This petition would pressure College Board into improving their operation in giving their proctors and customer service reps the same information and guidelines that they give customers.  It would also ask College Board to be more specific in posting their requirements and getting the requirements to consumers.  The petition would also put pressure on College Board to improve their customer service and be more flexible and considerate in making it up to the customers in cases where they are in the wrong.  That will ultimately help students like me avoid missing important college tests and avoid putting more stress on us and our parents.


People should support my petition because it would pressure College Board into improving their operation and processes so they can be more responsive to customers, and we (students and parents) do not unnecessarily suffer the frustrating and traumatizing experience like what I went through.  College Board is the only game in town when it comes to college tests and exams.  They have the monopoly.  And they do not treat customers right.  But my voice alone is not enough.  I need many other voices to get the appropriate response from College Board.

Also, I would be so grateful to get the support from others. I’m only 18 years old, currently a senior in high school.  I have never spoken up like this before, but I feel that I should this time because it affects me, the other 10 students at my test site, and many more students around the country.

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