CollegeBoard, don't cut periods 1-3 in AP World History

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AP World History covers, as of 2018, 10,000 years of human history stretching from the Americas, to Europe, to East Asia, and everywhere else. The class is demanding on students, but is also one of the most rewarding, life changing classes I've ever had the privilege to take. The CollegeBoard wants to remove over 8000 of those years, and start the course in 1450CE. This removes HUGE amounts of history, including such events as:

  • The Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution
  • The creation of the first civilizations
  • The migrations of humans across the earth
  • The development of world religions
  • The development of classical empires like Rome, Greece, China, etc.
  • The beginnings of interactions and trade
  • Major trade routes emerging like the Indian Ocean and Silk Roads
  • Post-Classical Empires like the Islamic Caliphates and Medieval Europe
  • The ENTIRE time period from prehistory to 1450. 

CollegeBoard, we students and teachers call on YOU to fix this vital error. Without periods 1-3, a historical foundation can't be built, and they are some of the most important in history.