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Legalize Backyard Hens

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We as College Township Residents believe that we should lawfully be able to keep backyard hens.

A group of College Township Residents have joined together and have done extensive research on this topic. There are many myths associated with chickens that just aren't true:

- Chickens stink. Chickens themselves do not smell. Just like any pet, if improperly cared for an odor can develop. This is easily corrected and prevented with regular cleaning of the chicken bedding. The bedding can easily be composted and makes a great chemical-free fertilizer for your garden.

- Chickens attract rodents. Chickens do not attract rodents, but any improperly stored food can. This can be prevented by storing any pet food in an airtight container such as plastic storage bin with a lid.

- Chickens are loud and crow - Male chickens, called roosters, crow loudly. Female chickens, called hens, do not crow. Hens typically make a soft clucking sound not heard from a distance. You do not need to have a rooster to get eggs from hens. The draft ordinance only requests to allow for the keeping of hens and not roosters in a residential zone.

- Chickens attract bugs. Chickens actually love eating bugs! Many people use chickens as a means of ridding their yards of bugs such as ticks. Ticks are a nuisance and they transmit Lyme's Disease to pets and humans - a common issue in our area.

- Chickens lower property values. There is no evidence to prove this theory. With the popularity of chickens rising there are many attractive options now available for chicken housing. There are many cities large and small across the country making changes to their local laws to allow chickens as pets. In our area, Harris Township, Patton Township, and the State College Borough have all recently made changes to allow chickens within their residential zones.

We have met with our Zoning Officer to discuss the townships concerns and we have worked with the Agricultural Law Resource & Reference Center at Penn State to address these concerns in a draft ordinance. This draft ordinance will be presented to the Township Council in January (date to be announced). We need your support, help us legalize backyard hens by signing this petition.

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