Stop the College Station ROO

Stop the College Station ROO

April 7, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amy DuBose

The College Station City Council asked staff to draft an overlay ordinance that would allow neighborhoods to petition to restrict occupancy in single family homes to no more than two unrelated individuals. 


  • Students
  • Non-traditional families (LGBTQ+, etc)
  • Individuals with lower income seeking affordable housing
  • Renters and landlords
  • Property owners


  • Current push is to only have a 50%+1 approval from the neighborhood, which is a very low threshold for a major ordinance such as this
  • Current push is to allow grandfathering, but there are major concerns about how properties will be allowed to stay under 4-unrelated and not be pushed to the 2-unrelated ordinance
  • This is a discriminatory ordinance, pitting neighbor versus neighbor
  • This will have a negative impact on lower income individuals, students, and property owners
  • There has been NO impact study for the housing market or economy, though it has been requested in various venues

This ordinance, if passed, would significantly harm private property rights of owners in the city.  It is anti-student, limiting, and discriminatory.  

We aim to voice our collective concerns to city council by gathering signatures on this petition.  We hope you will sign, share, and spread the word!

Want more info?  You can go to or @StopTheROO | Linktree

You can also contact the College Station City Council with your thoughts about the ROO by emailing them HERE.


Petition Closed

This petition had 4,031 supporters

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