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I am Dipak alias Maruti Sopan Dudhgonde , student of Dr. Annasaheb Shinde College of Agriculture Engineering and technology , MPKV , Rahuri. I took admission in respective college in year 2007 for Agriculture engineering (B.Tech)  course of 4 years duration , but due backlog in first year (2nd sem) i.e mathematics 2 (BSMATH124) , I reapeated second year untill 2012( I was unable to register for third year as one must have to clear his all subject in first year to appear for third year) ( please see MCAER academic rules for better understanding) . In year 2012 I got pass in respective subject so I registered for third year(5th sem) with two repeated subjects of second year(3rd semester) , I gave exam of 5th semester with two backlog subjects but college administration didn’t declared my result on one day before 6th semester-end examination ( I wrote many application to college dean and register , university dean and register but they didn’t took it seriously and left me unnoticed , I have receipt(O.C) of all application . MCAER rule is to display the result within 30- 45 days after last paper of semester-end examination but they took four months to display my result which was just one day before of semester-end examination of 6th semester ) . I was totally confused weather I should study for 6th sem exam or not , as rule is you are not allowed to appear for 6th sem until you clear backlog in 3rd sem but just one day before exam college clerk orally told me  that you are fail in 3rd sem subject so you are not allowed to give 6th sem exam so they didn’t allowed me for 6th sem exam . after one month he gave me result of 3rd sem in which I was pass in both subjects , so because his silly  mistake I got absent in 6th semester exam . as I asked him about it , he took that result from me and gave me new result in which I was fail in both subject of 3rd sem. To hide his mistake he made my result and changed it . I have both copies with me , old one and new one . then our college dean pressurised me to not to tell this issue to anyone if I want to graduate from this college. So I again registered for 3rd semester in next year and gave exam . again same happened , they didn’t displayed my result. I wrote to university vice-chancellor , dean , register but nothing changed, they just allowed me to appear for 6th semester but then I got my 6th semester result after that I got my 3rd sem result in which I was fail . so it was big mistake of administration of college as student is not allowed to register for 6th sem if he is fail in any subject in third semester but then now I was having two results in my hand one of third semester in which I was fail and second of 6th semester in which I was pass. So it was issue , then they called me in college and told me to fill revaluation form for two subjects of third semester( as revaluation form can be only filled only within 15 days after actual date of announcement of result but they filled that form one year , I have strong proof . they showed that I got pass in revaluation process , in actual I am fail . after that I registered for 4th year (7th semester) I gave examination of only three subjects and was not allowed for two subjects by college still they gave me result of 7th semester with five subjects , how it is possible to get mark for papers for which I was absent , even my answer sheet does not exist. Then I registered for 8th semester with backlog of 6th sem subjects (5 subjects) . as per rule student from 8th semester is only allowed to register for 10 credits as F GRADE but they gave me registration for 13 credits i.e five subjects . as it means I was present at two places same time for whole semester . they have broken all the academic rules , I have all proofs and application . Then I complained to university register, vice chancellor . i wrote application under RTI but its been two months , no reply,  even  I tried to file complaint at rahuri police station but they didn’t filed my complaint , I have all proofs regarding whatever i have mentioned above . now a days I am getting threatening calls that if I didn’t stop this they will kill me , they are offering me money to stay quite . I am totally helpless now , hoping for justice , I have left only little power to fight back , but day by they are threatening to me , my father is labour , no family support , no any other support but I have all the proofs , I will also give oath declaration , hoping for your help , I hope truth wins , please mercie on me . MERSIE………

I want justice......             

                                                                                                         Maruti(dipak). 9420691092


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