Keep Ms. Ty, Ms. H, and Ms. Edwards #NoCuts

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College Park Academy aims to cut Ms. Ty, Ms. Edwards, and Ms. H, as a result of "budget cuts", however as students of College Park Academy, we need these staff members, they have played major roles in the health and well-being of students here at CPA.

Let's start with Ms. Ty, one of the most caring and best College Park Academy staff members there is. As you enter CPA, you are greeted by her at the front desk, and if you've met her, you know how kind and amazing she is. Ms. Ty has been here for College Park Academy students for what seems like forever if one of us has an issue or problem, she's there to talk to you about it. On many accounts, she's helped enforce behavior, and she has faith in every single on of us students. Whether it is a formal greeting of "Good morning" when we come into the school, or a long conversation at the front desk, she's there, and she cares. Without her at CPA, many kids would not have someone that could relate to them as much as she can. She's smart, kind, and everything you'd want in someone being the first impression of CPA at the front desk. She's been there for each and every one of us, and now it's time for us to return the favor.

Next, we have Ms. H, a new CPA counselor, who probably is one of the best counselors a school could have. She's always here to listen, whether it be class issues all the way to issues that strike at home, she cares, and she want's to see you succeed. She's the middle school counselor, and might we say, she's done one heck of a job. Every new staff member at CPA has a little trouble adapting to the new environment, with computers being the norm, and it being very easy to derail from the work needed to be done, however, she's able to talk to you, and you can tell it comes straight from the heart. Ms. H is someone who feels compassion, and understands what might be the issue for you, and aims to resolve it. Not to mention that she's very understanding of personal issues, and she doesn't judge, ever. She's here for us, just like Ms. Ty and Ms. Edwards, we need to stand up for her. With bullying and other issues in Middle School, that happen in other places than CPA, not just here alone, getting rid of school counselors is a horrible idea. We need these counselors, we need someone to talk to other than our parents or administrative figures. She is here to help us, she cares, and we care for her.

Last but not least we have Ms. Edwards, the high school professional counselor. She's been here for a couple years and she's VERY invested in College Park Academy. Whether it be monthly character trait's that we did last year or powerpoints she shows us during FLEX time, she takes time and puts her efforts and dedication into helping us become better people. Ms. Edwards is very nice, and kind, she's someone you can tell anything, and she's here for us. As the high school counselor, with two grades going on three when the new budget cuts are to take place, cutting a counselor is nowhere near helpful for the well-being of the high school. She's shown us the way to helping others, being honest, being responsible, and she's always here. Whether it be during her own lunch time when she talks to us or any other time, she's there to talk. She doesn't make us wait if she sees we have a problem, that's it, she puts everything down, and listens. She's helped us through our problems, and cutting these three staff members would not be advisable, especially in a school growing as rapidly as CPA.

This is our time to show that we NEED these teachers, this is our time for our voices to be heard.

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