Medical specialist make play to monopolize Botox Industry

Medical specialist make play to monopolize Botox Industry

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I'd like to quote Sarah Grimké as spoken by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I ask for no preferential treatment, all I ask of our brethren is that they will take their foot off our necks. 

Groups representing dermatologists and plastic surgeons have banded together to lobby the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) in a thinly veiled bid to monopolize the province’s aesthetic injection industry. Here is why we should care. Under our current health care system, responsibility for assuring the safety of all medical treatments and procedures based on solid science falls within CPSO’s jurisdiction. 

Currently, in Ontario, general practitioners (GPs), registered nurse practitioners and nurses are all licensed to provide aesthetic injection services to patients. It is a basic but lucrative business for hundreds of doctors and nurses throughout the province. None of these elective treatments and procedures are critical to health, nor are they covered by OHIP. Nonetheless, they are in growing demand, benefiting an industry that prides itself on a decades-long patient safety record.

Despite this, Ontario’s dermatologists and plastic surgeons have joined forces in an effort to drive GPs and Nurses virtually out of the business altogether. By petitioning the CPSO, they aim to change the province’s rules governing aesthetic injection, thereby requiring a “specialist” to oversee all such procedures and treatments.

The impacts of adopting the proposed changes put forward in the Joint Society Position Statement will result in several harmful consequences. 

1. The current policy is well-defined and is working well, any changes that make it more difficult or adding more obstacles will make it a challenge to serve patients and will limit resources.

2. Limiting resources will increase cost direct to the patients. Any changes to the policy that makes it harder to serve patients will put an increased strain on our health care system by making it more difficult to access physicians when needed by forcing Family Physicians, GP's and Specialists out of public OHIP medicine and into private practice. This will lead to more hallway medicine, not less.

3. With health care costs rising significantly, removing or changing the policy in any way that limits currently trained people from being able to administer causes major issues. We need to be able to do more for patients, not less.

4. Wait times to see a specialist is currently 3-6 months, these changes will significantly result in even longer wait times.

5. Our Government is moving towards a more integrated health care system that includes utilizing the increasing scope of practice for health care professionals, not restricting them.

Join us to petition The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to do well to deny specialists their specious claim to the exclusive control of the aesthetic injection marketplace. It is misguided, unscientific, unwarranted, and just plain wrong!