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Provide Healthcare for ALL Canadians

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Stop patients being obstructed from obtaining medical care, help that they pay for just like all other Canadians. Each citizen is entitled to proper and unbiased medical assessment and action taken.

My name is Violette Ryane, the reason for my letter is to ask for your support in signing my petition to expedite medical care that I have not been able to obtain over the course of 8 years. I have a large polyp in my maxillary sinus (cheek) that has impacted my health and is causing me severe sinus/head pain and difficulty breathing particularly when I lie down.

In 2003, I discovered that I was being tortured with a toxic chemical from approximately age 5 to 16. The chemical works like chloroform and through research, I learned the effects of that chemical appear years later. I learned that this chemical has carcinogenic properties and can predispose you to sinus disease which is important in my case because it was applied to my mouth and nose. During this period of 8 years, I focused all my energy in getting better but things were not improving.

Because the pain had been growing more unbearable, I paid for an MRI in September 2011, which is when I discovered the polyp and learned that my family doctor had lied about my sinus results in 2005. I immediately left and went to another doctor; my focus was to get treatment for my sinuses but he continued to interfere with my medical treatment. *My website has all of my supporting documentation and timeline of events.

Additionally, MSP continues to bill me when I have explained that over the time I’ve been paying, no doctor has taken any medical action for the polyp in my sinus and it is now 2013. Momentarily, I have refrained from paying because it makes no sense to pay for something I can’t get especially now that I can’t work. Just recently I had to be taken to emergency where I was informed I had acute sinusitis.

I have patiently produced supporting documents and done everything I could possibly do to improve my health only to discover my efforts have been blocked by a medical professional I thought was there to help me. I know that there are good doctors who do a great job, but unfortunately my case is not one of them. Sadly, what I experienced can and does happen to other Canadians as well.

Please sign my petition to send a message to the BC College of Physicians and to Health BC that you do not support patients being obstructed from obtaining proper medical care. In an already burdened health system, providing medical care will free up the system to treat the next person. We all have a responsibility to ensure healthcare for ALL Canadians and this behaviour helps neither the patients nor the citizens who pay into it.

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