Rectify 2020’s CMTO Professional dues and Liability Insurance

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The CMTO has sent many emails and continues to update the situation regarding COVID-19 but never once mentioned anything regarding the annual fee all RMTs pay to keep their registration/license active and regulate the profession.
Each RMT has paid $785 for 2020.
According to the CMTO, Ontario had reached just over 14,500 RMTs by 2018.
CMTO receives, at minimum, $11.3 million annually from RMTs.
Which is somewhat understandable during normal times. However, during this pandemic, RMTs are not able to practice and CMTO’s doors were closed as of March 16. All massage therapy treatments continue to be suspended until May 24, which is a total of 70 days.

CMTO owes Ontario RMTs over $2.17 million.
Insurance companies for Professional Liability Insurance over $270,000.


Petition Letter:

To CMTO, RMTAO, Insurance companies (PLI),

The outbreak of the current pandemic and the nature of our profession, the best option was for all RMTs to stop working immediately. 
Auto insurance companies are providing rebates to help ease financial pressure. Many of us are not driving nearly as often. The government is providing financial assistance for those who have stopped working or are working reduced hours. Financing and mortgage payments are able to be deferred. 
In addition to those mentioned above, on behalf of all practicing RMTs in Ontario, I am asking for our annual certification renewal and liability insurance to be rectified for the entire duration of being restricted to work due to the pandemic.

March 16, 2020 - Date to be decided by officials

Reimbursement for the current year or reduction in cost for the following year are reasonable solutions.



Lauren Soares and RMTs of Ontario.