Help stop Massage Addict from affiliating RMTs with Cannabis

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For all Massage Therapists in Canada, we ask you to please sign this petition.

On Friday June 25 2020, it was announced that Massage Addict has launched a partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart to provide cannabis through a link on the Massage Addict website. Shoppers will be provided with a 10% discount if they go ahead with their cannabis purchase. 

Despite saying the Massage Therapists that work at Massage Addict clinics will not be providing information on cannabis, the lines are blurred. For many of us, cannabis is beyond our scope of practice. Cannabis should not be associated with Massage Therapists.  

Your average Massage Therapy clinic would not be able to get away with this, why is Massage Addict different? They shouldn't be. They should be held to the same standards as the rest of us. 

This puts Massage Therapists at Massage Addict clinics in an uncomfortable position as well as it taints our profession as a whole. We have worked hard to create professionalism among Massage Therapists and the public. 

We have no judgment to those who use cannabis, we as RMTs, don’t feel Massage Addict should be able to promote cannabis use on their website or in their clinics.

Power are in numbers and we need to be a united front.

This affiliation with cannabis and RMTs needs to stop. Immediately.