Bring Back Holidays at Prairie

Bring Back Holidays at Prairie

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College Community School Board

Why this petition matters

Started by Kathryn Jones

As Prairie focuses on initiating a more inclusive approach to learning with focusing on equity in learning, we need to focus on what that means. 
Equity is making sure that ALL students are given the tools they need to be successful, included, and well-rounded for future in society!

If a child requires additional tutoring to be successful in math, that means that child deserves to be given extra attention, tools- whatever he needs! However, this should NEVER take things away from other students.

Removing holiday celebrations from all students in no way benefits all students from this equity stance. We are a growing school with so many volunteers who are willing to help students who may not otherwise have the resources to be fully included in these holiday celebrations. We also have students who benefit from uncommon traditions and holidays being celebrated. These children, under the school’s equity policy, have every right to be included! We have the resources to make sure this happens. These students are the ones who most look forward to these celebrations in the first place, because sometimes school is the only place they can have these experiences. As a community, we owe it to these children to give them as much of a positive childhood as we can.

Our children have had enough taken from them the past 2 years. We, as a school district, cannot afford to let more be taken from them with zero cause.

Please sign this petition to bring forth to the Board to change their policy and allow holiday celebrations in our K-4 schools again!

528 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!