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The broke student-athlete

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The purpose of this petition is to emphasize the problems surrounding student-athletes, particularly black student athletes, and to offer a solution to their problems. Though these athletes dedicate their lives to their sport sometimes their efforts do not reap great benefits. They train their bodies in the hopes of competing in college. Once reaching the university, often times the athletically gifted athlete is essentially used to support the university brand and draw in money from donors. Athletes should be able to get paid when it is their bodies and their physical efforts bringing in high ticket sales. Their likeness is used for video games, without compensation. These athletes may be given money in the forms of scholarships, tuition, and books. However, they are still not being financially compensated for all the times they review film, have optional practices, play a game, etc. These student athletes should have the same right to be paid just as a student who is working as a cashier at the student market. 

Also while all of these activities are going on the athlete is not able to have an academic support system, since others may assume that the athlete did not come to college to learn, but rather to play a game they love. They have this notion that the athlete should be content with playing his or her game and to sit idle in the classroom. This should not be a popular mind set. Once entering campus, athletes should be afforded the same opportunities to excel academically in competitive majors. They should have professors and coaches who encourage them to succeed not only on the field, but also off of it. Athletes, upon graduating and possibly not becoming a professional athlete, should not have to wonder what their course of life is going to be.

So this is a call to help student-athletes be given a foundation toward academic success and financial stability. 

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