Racial Discrimination in College Admittance

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In colleges all throughout America, admission is not solely determined by match or by proficiency, but by one factor some of us like to pretend is at an end. Race. A recent Princeton study has shown that, on average, when comparing college applicants, universities are accepting blacks and hispanics at an average rate of 230 and 185 points lower than white acceptances, respectively, and Asians at 50 points higher. It is true, SATs are not a factual measure of all reasonable factors into acceptance, but, statistically speaking, all races should be within a slim range on average. In short, 280 points of the only 1600 points on the SAT is far too large a margin to be passed off as chance on a national scale. While this may promote “diversity” on college campuses, it does so in the worst way possible, by unearned racial discrimination. We support fair and equal admissions, regardless of race or gender, solely determined by fit to the university, and by academic and test success.

For our petition our intended recipients are colleges students who are affected by the trend the study shows; as well as the universities who want equal diversity in their schools but can achieve. The way they can help is by signing our petition, supporting it, and letting nearby schools and close friends know what this trend is doing to the students. What the target audience cares about is their own education and when the different races take the SAT some have disadvantages and others advantages. For the people with the disadvantages they have to try harder than the people with advantages to get a good score and get into a school that they want and teaches what they want to learn. Our secondary audience are schools and colleges because they are the ones preparing the students for the outside world and it won’t help them in the long run.

The study above was performed by the prestigious Princeton University, a highly reputable and successful organization. The study uses data nationwide to make its point, using averages, rather than the extremes, which no doubt show even larger discrepancies in some colleges, forcing whites and asians to perform drastically better simply for equal treatment, due to no flaw but their own race, a plain and simple modern example of institutionalized racial discrimination. Our group, a group of high school seniors, will be applying to college in the coming months, and one of our members, a white man, is worried about his application chances due to this very study. In our school, we have many members of all races, and it’s hard to think discrimination on a pure racial basis may very well prevent them from a higher education. It’s easy to pretend we’re beyond that.

The purpose for this petition is to make people aware that what the schools are doing is wrong because it help the students. It won’t help the students because they are changing their SAT scores so the schools can say we have an equal diversity. When in reality it is true that they have an equal diversity, it won’t help the student because they won’t be able to keep up with their studies. Though they got in a good school it won’t help them if they can’t understand what they are being taught and it won’t look good on their record and for the future it might ruin it and they won’t be able to keep up with things that is happening in society

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