Justice for Annong Mekke Jamoh: Injust decision made without proper evaluation of the fact

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I was busy cooking in room no. 2 of Hostel 1, Assam Engineering College, as usual. I heard some noise upstairs so I went to check out. As I reached the scene, I saw sir and a group of students grappling each other. Near about 10 to 15 people were already present before my entry to the scene. Right after I came, the people around broke the session. And sir left the premises. That's the whole situation. I never even touched him. And I have a list of witnesses who are ready to verify it for me. (Copy Attached).
The same day, at around 9 pm, around 6 faculty members including our hostel Superintendent came to our hostel and had us summoned. After talking to other victim for about 5 minutes, they gave him the notice. And without even uttering a single word, they passed me a letter too. We were never given a chance to tell our side of the story. The decision was made in utter hurry. And was hence, biased. My career is at stake, and the administration wouldn't even tell me what my faults are and on what grounds the decision was made.

I have already approached the college and the concerned department of justices. But I was denied every time. Leaving me with no other choice than to proceed like this.