Save Jeff Nuefeld’s Position! Antigo West Elementary Principal

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Jeff Nuefeld is the principal at West Elementary. He is a wonderful asset to our community. This is shown by the way he is constantly going above and beyond his role. He is extremely involved and truly cares about the well being of our children. Jeff spends one on one time with his students on a daily basis. If one of his students are having a bad day, Jeff takes the time to sit with them, talk with them, play with them, showing that he can be trusted. He recently volunteered to pick up some of his students every morning because they were having a hard time getting to school on time. Jeff is a team player and knows what it takes to get results. He knows that you need to reach a child’s heart before you can reach their mind. The school board is removing Jeff from his position at the end of the 2017/2018 school year. Why? Because Jeff shows that he cares by excluding the politics from his position. Politics have no right to be in our school system. It is because of these politics that our children are slowly being left behind. It is time that we rise up to the school board and say “NO MORE”! Our children deserve to have good leaders like Jeff Nuefeld in their lives. Show your Antigo Pride! Sign and share!