Need Respite from the Stray Cattle Menace

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Early this February, a girl was riding her scooter, she seemed to be a responsible rider as her helmet was on and the speed was roughly 40 Kmph. Out of the blue a huge bull in full steam barged into her from the left side of the road and within seconds was out of sight. What was left was a very horrifying sight! The girl was badly injured, bruises all over her body and her helmet glass was broken. One can imagine the ordeal had the helmet not been on! The scooter was also badly damaged. 

Well if one thinks that this is a one-off incident, then let me tell you this has become a daily occurrence. The other day when I visited the vegetable market, I saw a bull snatching away a bag full of veggies from a guy who was on his way home. Many of these bulls are over 6 feet tall and are a powerhouse of horns and hoofs. These behemoths scare the living daylights out of children who love playing in the neighborhood, I have witnessed many a terrorized young faces and have tried to rescue them as bulls block their way back home. Another thing worth mentioning is not only the threat to life and limb but also the threat to property  namely parked cars and bikes. There have been innumerable instances where sizable damage has been caused to cars as well as commuters due to a bull rage.

One wonders as to why the authorities aren't able to tackle this menace? On perusing I have found many cases on this issue lodged in several states across India. What is daunting is the growing stray bull density  per Sq. M in residential areas, just my lane has around 10 of them, every single one of them having the potential to destroy property, terrorize kids besides being a perennial threat to life and limb.

Nowadays nearly every night I hear loud grunts (this happens when 2 or more bulls square-off) and just pray and hope that nothing untoward happens. Time has come people, to have a safer neighbourhood, safer streets, roads and highways. The government need to chart out a effective - stray cattle catch & relocation plan and ensure its strict implementation. Should there be a negligence in implementation, concerned authority should be held accountable.