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The pristine Muthukadu Backwaters is a home to a fragile ecosystem and provides natures balance during heavy monsoons, as a balance between land and sea. The backwaters are being systematically being degraded for the past four years, by unscrupulous builders, apartment complexes and local bodies, by dumping raw sewage, untreated waste water and garbage on the banks and into the backwaters. The eco system has been seriously affected and birds have vanished. Garbage is burnt openly with impunity and the stench wafts down the apartments, who cannot open their windows and breathe fresh air. The dumpyards are developing into a huge mound like Pallikarnai. Since the backwaters are outside the Greater Chennai Corporation jurisdiction, the local bodies flout all laws. After trying for three years to put a stop to this menace with the Collector, TNPCB, Panchayat and local bodies, and having failed, we volunteers want to launch a serious campaign.

Save the Muthukadu Backwaters campaign has been launched by a group of very concerned residents of Hiranadani Upscale, and we aim to mobile enough support of residents along the OMR, The Green Tribunal, NGO's, to get the backwaters declared as a Reserve Forest by the MOEF.  SWATCH BHARAT must be converted to a reality in our backyard. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. 

COVID 19 has shown us how we are ill treating mother earth with practices that abuse the earth we live on. Not only is this backwater inside the CRZ ( Coastal Regulatory Zone ), it is adjoining the Buckingham Canal. Please join us and help save this precious backwater, which is crying out for help.