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Collaborate to Rebuild the Burris Backyard

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            The Burris Backyard is a beloved attraction in the city of Muncie, Indiana. Its design inspires free-form imaginative play that is not approximated by current prefabricated designs. It is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Built through the hard work and collaboration of alumni, it is a source of pride for both the school and the community. Ball State has scheduled the Burris Backyard for tear-out this summer and is putting $200,000 towards the construction of a new playground. Project leaders have reported that $200,000 is not sufficient to reconstruct the existing (or substantially similar) structure. Therefore, we urge Ball State not to go it alone on this project. 

            The Burris Backyard is more than just a school playground; it is a community resource. We desire that both the process and outcome of the rebuild honor that reality. Therefore, we ask Ball State to take bids on a rebuild of the existing backyard and forge partnerships with Burris and community partners to finance it. Rebuilding and improving the Backyard (especially in terms of accessible features) has broad-based school and community support. As a touch-point for school-community relations, this project is an opportunity for Ball State to demonstrate its commitment to immersion and collaboration with the Muncie community. We petition Ball State to build relationships and a backyard we can be proud of.

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