A fare outcome for Charter Vehicle Drivers in Western Australia

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The upcoming On Demand legislation discriminates against Small Operators (Drivers and Owners with 1 or 2 cars). It disproportionately adds more costs to small operators and increases workload and administration tasks.
 The legislation seems to have been drafted with large operators with vast resources in mind and has not taken into account the small operator.
The legislation runs the very high risk of pushing many small business owners to the wall through:
Increased costs
Increased red tape
Increased paper work
The assumption by the Government that the Drivers can absorb the 10% tax is both naive and ill informed.
The Premier’s advice that the previous legislation imposed unnecessary red tape and cost and that this legislation will remove much of that is just not reality.
We also dispute the Premier’s claim that Charter vehicles will benefit even further from many of the administrative efficiencies the Government is implementing.
We ask the One Nation Party to appose this legislation and save our businesses.